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Women Who Influenced My Life

Both my mothers, Dipti, Kumud, Lakshmi, Nikki (Naivil), Rama and Anju Ben …. You all are incredible. You all have common traits of making a difference, contributing positively to our culture and supporting women’s growth. Don’t stop, because you are the ones who inspire me to believe in myself, to push a little harder, to learn something new, to be proud of my goals, to be kinder, to share and to inspire

My Hero

Everyone would admire her garden especially bonsai and wondered how she managed to get the plants look so beautiful and flourishing. Like a master gardener, she had a nurturing approach that created an atmosphere for us to comfortably grow and learn. And, I noticed these leadership traits that she naturally possessed despite being a homemaker. We were made to look for opportunities to challenge ourselves that would prepare us for our adult life…be it cooking, baking, panting, pot making, English speaking, mehndi application, and a beauty course. And, when we would get back home after a long day, we would be welcomed by the smell of chilli, garlic and spices mingled in the air, the sound of pressure cooker whistling and the sight of my mother trying to prepare a new recipe as she found food to be a form of creative expression.

She took charge of the chores, the tasks, the timings. She provided us so many first-time experiences. She is my ‘Hero’.

Mummy…even when you are no longer there, there isn’t a day when I am not thinking of you.

Dozens of children at home grew up in such a close relationship with each other that we didn’t need friends, we had someone around to give us company even at 2 am. Among all, my big sister was the most amazing gift my parents gave me. She wasn’t an authority figure, yet she did it without talking down to you too much. Working with google now, she has been a perfect role model and in her younger days, the first girl from a conservative family of a mid-town who had gone to the Hostel.

Dipti…. you are a fabulous example of second mom, best friend, and a teacher who teaches you about family bonding. As I got older, I realised how valuable these things are

The first day passed admiring the campus and soon I felt like killing that person who said, ‘college is all about fun’. 3 girls in a class of 43 led to frequent verbal bullying. I was hardly prepared for this emotionally challenging transition. Before I could feel demotivated and skeptical, Kumud, my distant cousin took me under her wings and helped me reinvent myself and grow from being a girl to be a woman. The journey was exciting even if it had a lot of twists and turns.

Kumud ….Thank you for taking the heat off me and being my partner in those varying degrees of enthusiasm.

She focusses all her energies to make things happen the way she foresees. She was a master at turning strengths and weaknesses into productivity. I first saw her outside the office of GE in Ahmedabad city, many years ago, she had the guts to publicly accept it and blow out the smoke like a boss through her natural confidence.

You cultivated perseverance in me …one of the most important attributes that does not let me give up.

Lakshmi Krishnan …. You are a free spirit who paved the path for others to follow.

While she seemed to be content in her role as a nurturer and caretaker of the home, I was truly excited about my corporate career too. The friendship between us would be hard to fathom but there was a chemistry between us. She found a common ground and made me open without being pushy during our first meeting a decade ago at McDonald’s. Soon I realised, friendship isn’t about who you’ve known the longest, it’s about who walked into your life, said, ‘I am here for you, and proved it.’ Our frequent engagements especially when she embarked on her journey from being a homemaker to a student and now an established nutritionist makes me proud of her.

Nikki (Naivil)…..You serve an example worthy of following and your success is an exciting part of my life. 

What a success-driven person you are who knows exactly what being in that position is like. Even though men try and dominate the conversation, I am constantly amazed by how you show courage when you volunteer your opinion or respond with confidence. When I met you the first time, I realised your presence in a group of several people was inspiring.

Rama Moondra…. Optimistic, kind and warm hearted …. these are some of your superpowers and I know you would never trade them for the world or nobody dares take you granted.

She would always make me feel welcomed after a long day at work. She would treat us special each day with delicious food and watching over Aditi. I was fortunate to have a relationship of partnership where she has always been there for me and yet given me my space to live my own life.  Mummy, we enjoy your presence around us.

You have got the traits of Rahul that I like, a great listener, patient, generous and caring. The bonus is finding a friend, a sister and a supporter in you. I appreciate how you are always there for us. 

Anju ben…. We are so different, yet we have always had fun.

The list can go on and on… there are many women who have inspired and challenged me to become a better version of me. Yes, I am proud to be a woman surrounded by such beautiful, smart, unique, strong, powerful and capable women.

My world is full of such inspiring souls who keep me going. And they equally deserve appreciation. For all those people, who stand by me, I would like to express my silent gratitude.

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