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Sustainable Living in Times of Global Warming

Global warming isn’t an alien term for anybody on this planet. It’s not something that’s restricted to science textbooks. Everyone is talking about it and is recognizing its horrendous effect on our planet. Everyone is feeling it.
The recent fatal incidents in Australia and Amazon are the living examples of how the end of mankind will look like in a few years. We may not be able to use a magic wand and make everything beautiful in seconds, but we can take small, incremental steps to reduce our contribution to global warming. As the environmentalists predict, this issue will only rise unless we decide to take initiatives on an individual level.
Or to quote Christine Lagarde, the managing director of IMF, “It’s a collective endeavor, it’s collective accountability, and it may not be too late.” So, how do you contribute to making this planet a better place to live?
The answer is sustainable living. A sustainable lifestyle is a way of living that reduces the current environmental problems to achieve a safe and secure future. Be it for yourself or your future generations; sustainable living could transform the planet’s condition and lead a path to a healthy future.
It might seem impossible. But as Christopher Flavin says, “Building a world where we meet our needs without denying future generations a healthy society is not impossible, as some would assert. The question is where societies choose to put their creative efforts.” Instead of merely talking about climate change, let’s put our efforts towards our goal of achieving sustainable development.
Here are a few things you can do to adopt sustainable living and reduce the carbon emissions and heat generation on individual levels:
#1 – Plant trees These two simple words when executed can solve half of the problems on our planet. An increase in deforestation has increased temperatures, pollution, a reduction in groundwater level, and the list goes on. However, all of these ill-effects can be replaced with benefits if we decide to “Go Green.” Plant trees in your neighbourhood wherever possible. When left with no space to do so, look for creative ways in which a sapling can become a part of your life. Balcony gardens are trending and the best place in a house these days in metropolitan cities. Gift a sapling to your loved ones on special occasions and spread the greenness everywhere.
#2- Sustainable transportation Being wealthy or privileged does not give us the right to kill our planet slowly. While travelling in your expensive car may fill you with pride, it only fills the Mother Earth with pain. Sustainable living is simple. Think about saving and reducing. Save fuel by walking or cycling to nearby areas. Reduce pollution by using public transport when going on long journeys. You may also consider carpooling with your colleagues while travelling to the office and home.
#3 – Consume less meat A vegetarian diet does not harm the planet, meats do. Do you know that meat production requires 160 times more land and emits 11 times more greenhouse gases than cereals like rice, wheat, and vegetables like a potato? I am not asking you to turn into a vegetarian or a vegan, but you may consider reducing your meat consumption.
#4 – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle This applies to almost everything on this planet. Applying emergency brakes on our greed is a must right now. Only then will we be able to reduce our consumption. This reduction in consumption will reduce production and indirectly give some relief to this planet. Goods like paper and plastic should be prioritized in this cycle. Paper because they result in deforestation and plastic because it is non-decomposable. Switch to other environmental-friendly items available in the market. Recycling and reusing is a must for long-term sustainable growth. #5 – Avoid chemicals While chemicals have revolutionized our lives, they have equally depleted aerial and aquatic lives. All the cosmetics, dyes, sanitary items and other homecare products are full of chemicals, which eventually end up entering the air or the water bodies on this planet. The vicious cycle of destruction can slow down if we switch to natural products. Almost every naturally found item has some or the other benefits in our homes. Using these items or the products solely made of naturally found ingredients can give surprising results.
Making a global difference may not seem possible, but bringing a change in our individual lives together can give results on a worldwide scale. This blog can easily be pages long if I pick up every small change to be implemented for sustainable living, but for now, these few steps can be considered as a good beginning. Once you start implementing these, you will see positive changes in your lifestyle and trust me; there will be no moving back.
Edmund Burke said, “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.”
So, don’t let your pessimism drive your decision. Every little step will help in moulding a bigger future and each one of us should be ready to take these small responsibilities. Sustainable living is the key to the future. We owe it to our children and future generation. This year, let’s take an oath to make changes to how we live for a better tomorrow!

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